Film Festivals and the Future of Outdoor Recreation

July 16, 2014

Film festivals that include content portraying outdoorsmen and women in a positive light can have a noticeable impact on the public perception of outdoor sports. Seen here is a gathering for the Grand Teton Awards Gala for the 2013 Jackson Hole Film Festival.

Films, television, and video in general are the primary storytellers of our times, and stories are a prime force in creating and changing culture, including how people view outdoor sports and conservation. There is a definite need for more mainstream TV and films that show outdoor sports in a positive way. One way to encourage more positive stories about outdoor sports is through awards shows and film festivals that support filmmakers, as well as entertain and educate. You may think that mainstream media award shows and festivals are probably biased against hunting and fishing. Not so....

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Game and Fish: Exclusive Interview with WebEye Group’s Chris Keig

August 19, 2013

Chris Keig doing what he loves.

For years Chris Keig has endeared himself to anglers with the Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T), but the introduction of the Hunting Film Tour and Kings of Game has officially marked an expansion to all things outdoors. In his own words, Chris started in the mail room at Warren Miller Entertainment, eventually becoming the company's first television employee and later the Head of Production. Now he heads the WebEye Group, a full-service production facility specializing in action sports and outdoor activities. For the past several years he has tapped...

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Exclusive Interview with Tom Opre of “Eye of the Hunter”

July 8, 2013

Tom Opre is one of the few, fortunate men who is capable of bringing his passions together. In his projects, Tom combines his love for the outdoors and film, with a lot of help from his wife, of course.

Hunter and filmmaker Tom Opre needed no introduction to the outdoors industry. Tom spent his childhood fishing, hunting, and traveling all around Michigan. His father, after all, is famed outdoor writer Tom E. Opre, Following in his dad’s footsteps, Tom found his own medium to...

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Video: “Roam this Place” Hunting Scenes from Around the World in Full Glory

January 14, 2013

Video: “Roam this Place” Hunting Scenes from Around the World in Full Glory

It took two years to shoot footage for the video you’re about to see, but the hunting experience cannot be boiled down to two years. Roam this Place is about the places hunting takes you, the swampy, cold, dangerous, but also the breathtaking and fresh places. If you’re not out hunting while you watch it, this video will be the closest satisfaction you can pull from the sport before the next time you go out and roam yourself.

ROAM THIS PLACE from RockHouse Motion on Vimeo.

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